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A Cartography of Desire

In November 2002 nine new works titled 'Currency and Belief' by the artist John Newling were shown at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The themes explored during this exhibition were those of money, chance and belief. Reproductions of 'The Money Changer and his Wife' by the Flemish painter Quentin Metsys were used as an allegory of Currency and Belief that underlined the works.

One of the installations featured a lottery machine that generated random numbers every day. The machine itself is a genuine lottery machine of a type used for producing numbers for a national lottery. Each day there was a live performance; and this continued when the works moved to the Djanogly Gallery at the University of Nottingham.

At each performance the balls would be spun and the numbers drawn. The resulting numbers were then placed over the Metsys image in the gallery and entered onto the special lottery website.

The website charted the dates and all the numbers that had been drawn. Visitors to the site could use the numbers as lottery predictors. With the completion of the installation the data allowed the artist to connect with a method of working he had used earlier in his career.

To see the results generated by the machines, click here.

During the late seventies and early eighties Newling had used data concerning DNA to generate drawings of complex configurations. This new generation of drawings has been worked in collaboration with 'Suppose'. These drawings can be seen as models for sculptural works and take the form of geometric configurations generated by mathematical formulae applied to the numbers generated by the lottery predictions.

To view the interactive sketches, choose one of the locations below.
Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Lakeside Arts Centre